Videos of 2014 Temple on Mount Zion Conference Now Available for Free Viewing

The Interpreter Foundation has announced the availability of the videos of the presentations given at the 2014 Temple on Mount Zion Conference which took place on 25 October 2014 in Provo, Utah. Videos of each of the presentations are now available for free viewing on The Interpreter Foundation’s YouTube channel, or on  They are also embedded below for your convenience. There is also a YouTube playlist available of the conference presentations. The conference proceedings will also be published in book form in the future.

Donald W. Parry’s Introduction to the 2014 Temple on Mount Zion Conference

Jeffrey M. Bradshaw: “What Did Joseph Smith Know about Temple Ordinances by 1836?”

Dan Belnap: “‘Let the Beauty of the Lord our God be Upon Us’: The Role of Visual Aesthetics in Ancient Israel’s Temple Worship”

Carli Anderson: “Enthroning the Daughter of Zion: The Coronation Motif of Isaiah 60-62”

Stephen D. Ricks: “Prayer with Uplifted Hands”

David Calabro: “Joseph Smith and the Architecture of Genesis”

Stephen Smoot: “The Book of the Dead as a Temple Text and Its Implications for the Book of Abraham”

David Larsen: “Psalm 24 and the Two Yahwehs at the Gate of the Temple”

Ann Madsen: “Temples in the Margins: The Temple in Isaiah”

(Donald W. Parry asked that this presentation not be filmed: “Temple Themes in Cities of Refuge Texts”)

Matthew L. Bowen: “‘I Have Done According to My Will’: Reading Jacob 5 as a Temple Text”

John W. Welch: “Leviticus as an Archetypal Temple Template”

John S. Thompson: “How John’s Gospel Portrays Jesus as the Way of the Temple”

Shon D. Hopkin: “The Day of Atonement, the Mosaic Temple, and the Christian Sacrament of Communion: Links and Symbols”

Daniel C. Peterson: “The Cosmic Mountain in Canaan and the Qur’an”

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