2013 “The Lady of the Temple” Conference

The Academy for Temple Studies and the Utah State University Religious Studies program announce a conference we believe may be of interest to you, to be held on October 23, 2013, on the campus of Utah State University. We invite you to save the date.


This conference will approach this topic from a temple perspective with biblical, archeological, liturgical and LDS components.

The speakers will include: (click here for a more detailed schedule)

  • Margaret Barker, well-known for her numerous books and articles on temple theology whose book called The Mother of the Lord: The Lady in the Temple was published last year.
  • Laurence Hemming, a Catholic philosopher and theologian who lives in London; an expert in early Catholic liturgy and author of numerous books and articles, including Worship as a Revelation: The Past, Present, and Future of Catholic Liturgy.
  • William Dever, distinguished professor of Near Eastern Studies; has written 26 books and 350+ articles on Near Eastern archeology, and author of the book, Did God Have a Wife?
  • Alyson Von Feldt, who has explored temple theology as reconstructed by Barker from an LDS perspective in her review of Dever’s Did God Have a Wife? and an analysis of the Book of Mormon, “His Secret is with the Righteous: Instructional Wisdom in the Book of Mormon.” These can be found at: http://maxwellinstitute.byu.edu/
  • Valerie Hudson, Professor and George H. W. Bush Chair of international affairs at Texas A&M University, who is co-author of Women in Eternity, Women of Zion, a comprehensive examination of LDS doctrine concerning women. In 2009 she was named by Foreign Policy to be one of the top 100 Most Influential Global Thinkers.

Registration for the day-long conference will be $50.00. Students with a valid student ID will be admitted for $10.00.

Seating will be limited. You can register on-line at this link: https://secureinstantpayments.com/sip/cart/event.php?EID=1003

Click here for a more detailed schedule and abstracts.