In keeping with the Academy’s goal of providing interested parties with useful information regarding the publication of materials about the Temple, “Reviews” is a new feature added to the website beginning in May 2013.

The first section, Book Reviews, will contain reviews of books about the Temple as found in “A Temple Studies Bibliography.” Many of these will be written by David Larsen who has been asked to keep abreast of recent books, read them and write a review or book note as the case may be.

The second section, Article Abstracts, contain abstract-like notes about articles and talks found in “A Temple Studies Bibliography.” Many of these will be written by Dan Bachman.

The third section is Dissertation Abstracts. Most universities now require the author of a PhD dissertation to write an abstract. In most cases the abstracts in this section have been taken from the author’s written summary of his/her work. When it is written by someone else, the author will be identified at the end of the abstract. Here, in the months ahead, you will find abstracts of many of the dissertations, old and new, on various aspects of temple studies.

We trust this feature will be a valuable supplement to “A Temple Studies Bibliography.”
It is expected that this feature will be updated frequently, please check back often, or subscribe by email.

The most recent updates will be at the top of each section, in reverse chronological order.

Each review or note will be authored by one author, and a list of contributor’s initials, if any, is found below.

A list of key words accompanying the title entry in “A Temple Studies Bibliography” will also accompany the title here to facilitate searches. The reviews and notes may also contain additional words that will facilitate searches for relevant material.

Invitation: Readers and users are invited to submit both book reviews and notes about articles and talks, for possible inclusion in the collection. These may deal with any item in the bibliography, or one that is not in it but should be! Please send them to Dan Bachman at the following address: