Order Proceedings Book

The conference presentations are now available as a book entitled Mormonism and the Temple: Examining an Ancient Religious Tradition. Edited by Gary N. Anderson and published by BYU Studies in conjunction with Utah State University Department of Religious Studies and the Academy for Temple Studies in Logan, Utah, it contains the proceedings of the conference that was held under the same title on the campus of Utah State University on 29 October 2012, and includes the following presentations:

  • Gary N. Anderson, Philip L. Barlow, and John W. Welch, “About This Publication”
  • Philip L. Barlow, “Welcome and Opening Comments by Presenters”
  • Margaret Barker, “Restoring Solomon’s Temple”
  • Laurence Paul Hemming, “Chapel, Church, Temple, Cathedral: Lost Parallels in Mormon and Catholic Worship”
  • Margaret Barker and Laurence Hemming, “Questions and Answers”
  • John F. Hall, “Ancient Mediterranean Temple Ceremonies: Vestiges of the Rites of Enoch and Precursors to the Hebrew Temple Ceremonial”
  • John W. Welch, “The Temple, the Sermon on the Mount, and the Gospel of Matthew”
  • Daniel C. Peterson, “A Divine Mother in the Book of Mormon?”
  • Danel W. Bachman, “A Temple Studies Bibliography”
  • LeGrande Davies, “Temples–Bridges of Eternity”
  • John L. Fowles, “The Temple, the Book of Revelation, and Joseph Smith”
  • John W. Welch and Presenters, “Closing Comments”

Those who attended the Logan conference will receive a copy of the book as it was included in their registration. If you did not attend the conference, you may also order a copy for $20. The book can be ordered from BYU Studies at 801-422-6691, or at 1063 JFSB BYU Provo, UT, 84602. At some point it may also be available for ordering online.

A digital PDF version of the proceedings book is also available for free, and can be downloaded here.

Videos of the proceedings are available for viewing online here.