Review of Chadwick, Jeffrey R. “The Jerusalem Temple, the Sadducees, and the Opposition to Jesus.”

Chadwick, Jeffrey R.  “The Jerusalem Temple, the Sadducees, and the Opposition to Jesus.”  In The Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ, Volume One: From Bethlehem Through the Sermon on the Mount, edited by Richard Neitzel Holzafel and Thomas A. Wayment, 48-88.  Salt Lake City: Deseret Book, 2005. [Israel/Herod/Christian]

Two items stand out as the most important contributions of this article.  1) It provides a good discussion of the Sadducees and their relationship to the temple.  2) Chadwick lists the eight times Jesus visited the temple that are mentioned in the Gospels, mostly in the book of John.  He points out that the opposition Jesus encountered in the temple was not from the Pharisees, and John does not refer to the Sadducees by name in his book, but the “Jews” he refers to were probably Sadducees.  The article provides little else new or by way of depth on the visits of Jesus to the temple, but it is a convenient reference.

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