Abstract of Sorensen, David E. “The Doctrine of Temple Work.”

Sorensen, David E.  “The Doctrine of Temple Work.”  Ensign 33 (October 2003): 56-63. [Mormon/Theology/Covenant/Ritual/Liturgy/Worship]

Elder Sorensen begins with a story about working on an addition to the Manti temple when he was a young man and having the Spirit tell him he would one day be involved in building other temples.  He gives an interesting explanation of temple “work.”  It is work, and following President Hinckley’s counsel at several temple dedications, the Saints should concentrate more on the “work” aspect of temple service, and not so much on personal benefits.  Temple doctrines have levels of meanings like the parables of Jesus.  In the temple new families are organized and there should be greater rejoicing over that than when a new branch, ward, or stake is formed.  A highlight of this sermon is a very helpful discussion of receiving a “fulness of grace” and a fulness of the Atonement through temple ordinances and associated covenants.  Also a brief but helpful reference to reverence and the temple.  Reverence, he said, is indispensable to revelation.  Worthiness is preparing us to understand “spiritual things.”  The garment is part of the temple, and when we wear it properly, “we take the temple with us in our daily walk in life” and addresses appropriate dress in the temple.  Concludes with a marvelous quotation from Wilford Woodruff about parents who will work in the Spirit World and save their children.

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