Abstract of Penrose, Charles W. “Leaves from the Tree of Life.”

Penrose, Charles W.  “Leaves from the Tree of Life.”  Ninth Leaf.  The Contributor 2 (June 1881): 264-66. [Mormon/Theology/Salvation of the Dead]

This is an excellent article which treats the plan of salvation of the dead.  It has some very elevated and eloquent passages in it.  Baptism is a fixed law pertaining to both mortality and the spirit realm and it and other ordinances are necessary in the divine plan.  Without them the “blessings which spring from them, as their natural fruit, cannot be enjoyed.”  Laws and ordinances can be taught in the spirit world, but ordinances can only be done on earth.  The beauty and magnificence of this plan is extolled, the results of this light proclaimed.  Penrose makes this  unusual statement: “The first-born son in each family has rights of priority connected with this vicarious work if he has proven himself worthy,” but he makes no further comment on this subject.  Another eloquent paragraph concerns the “principle of proxy” and the blessings of laboring for the dead.   Yet another unusual teaching speaks of  the gospel having key to the communication with the dead, only in Temples.  Refers to the vast scope of the work for the dead remaining and concludes with an eloquent summary statement about the plan.

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