Abstract of Ostler, Blake. “Clothed Upon: A Unique Aspect of Christian Antiquity.”

Ostler, Blake. “Clothed Upon: A Unique Aspect of Christian Antiquity.”  Brigham Young University Studies 22 (Winter1982): 31-45. [Christian/Sacred Vestments]

This article was a revelation, particularly about the vast number of references in ancient writings to garments and their relationship to the temple.  Ostler lets these sources illuminate much of the symbolic meaning of the garments.  The best summary of the article is his own “Conclusion.”  “The ancient symbolic meaning of the garment itself outlines a rather familiar story: (1) the ancient garment represented the preexistent glory that was laid aside while (2) we put on another garment that represented our mortality as a consequence of the Fall; (3) the ancient garment was not only a reminder but also a protection against the evil one as we sojourned here in the lonely world; (4) it also represented the glory of the resurrected body, and (5) an added robe represented the added righteousness procured for entrance into the kingdom of God and for passing by the angels posted there; (6) when one donned the garment, one also took upon himself a name for passing through the gate, the name of Jesus Christ, with whom ultimate unity became possible through these ancient ordinances.”

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