Abstract of Hayward, C. T. Robert. “Understandings of the Temple Service in the Septuagint Pentateuch.”

Hayward, C. T. Robert.  “Understandings of the Temple Service in the Septuagint Pentateuch.”   In Temple and Worship in Biblical Israel.  Proceedings of the Oxford Old Testament Seminar, edited by John Day, 385-400.  London: T&T Clark, 2007. [Israel/Canaan/Priesthood]

Hayward examines the differences between the LXX and the MT regarding temple service in books of Pentateuch.  In general the LXX translators lavished a great deal of work on the portions of the Pentateuch relating to Temple service.  Moreover, they rendered many passages relating to the temple differently than in the MT, showing they were either using a different Vorlage, made mistakes, or took translator liberty to include their own view of things.  In any case, they viewed the temple as equivalent to Sinai and Bethel, sacred space where God may be seen, his name invoked, and he is made known to Israel.  They also emphasized the importance of prayer in the daily Tamid sacrifice, something surprisingly not given attention in the MT Pentateuch, but which is also stressed in Sirach 50.  Moreover, the priest blessed the people and their prayer was a petition that the face of the Lord be revealed.  The LXX also shows that the Temple was a place prepared by God on earth, patterned after the heavenly sanctuary, and thus merited being referred to as hagiasma, a word restricted to things of the highest degree of sanctity.

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