Abstract of Addams, R. Jean. “A Contest for ‘Sacred Space.’”

Addams, R. Jean.  “A Contest for ‘Sacred Space.’” The John Whitmer Historical Association Journal 31 (Spring/Summer 2011): 44-68.   [Mormon/Independence]

This is a chronological account of the struggles between the RLDS and the Church of Christ (Temple Lot) for the property of the original Mormon Temple site in Independence, Missouri.  The property was purchased by Edward Partridge 19 December 1831.  The RLDS Church brought suit against the Temple Lot people for possession of the property and actually won the case, but it was reversed on appeal.  Subsequent efforts by the two churches to reconcile and build a temple have all failed.  A revelation was given to the leader of the Temple Lot Church in 1929 to build the temple but the Depression and internal schisms forestalled that effort.  The RLDS Church received a revelation in 1968 to build a Temple on the portion of the property they owned.  It was begun in 1990 and completed in 1994.  Meanwhile, the Church of Christ (Temple Lot) consider themselves custodians of the original temple plot until the Lord directs the building of the temple again.

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