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Update History
Online Version

12 September 2013 Update

Major Update:  This update includes more than 500 new entries, bringing the total references in the collection to over 8,000!

New Feature: We are adding a new feature for this update.  A separate section may be found under the bibliography tab which provides a list of the 500+ new items, thus making it possible for the viewer to see the entire update without searching the complete collection.  However, new additions will still be highlighted in the complete bibliography as in the past with the → symbol.

Additions:  I worked through most of the issues of the Palestine Exploration Quarterly, Israel Exploration Journal, American Journal of Archaeology, The Biblical Archaeologist, and Old Testament Essays. This update contains a number of articles about the Temple Scroll, sacred space, Canaanite shrines, archaeology of temple sites, high places, standing pillars, poles, trees, groves, Greek and Roman Temples, and Mormonism and temples.  It includes more than 30 articles from: Xavier Leon-Dufour, ed., Dictionary of Biblical Theology. Updated Second Edition.  Frederick, MD: The Word Among Us Press, 1988. Finally, a dozen new dissertations and four new theses have been added.

Corrections: As with previous updates, this one includes literally hundreds of minor corrections and changes discovered as I have worked with the bibliography in the past three months.

28 June 2013 Update

This update features about 125 new titles.  Fifty-two of these were added from the 2010 Eerdmans Dictionary of Early Judaism, edited by John J. Collins and Daniel C. Harlow.  Others worth mentioning include: a number of titles from the 19th and early 20th centuries; several more from Seventh-day Adventist authors; seventeen doctoral dissertations and three masters theses.

30 April 2013 Update

Once again many corrections and additions have been made to the bibliography in the period of February through April 2013. Refinements continue to be made to both the bibliography and the key word list. For example, the key words associated with the Leontopolis entries were standardized.

Additions: Over 200 titles are new to this version. They include many entries written from the Seventh-day Adventist and LDS perspectives. Work in the Seventh-day Adventist journal, Andrews University Seminary Studies is complete from its beginning through 2007. A number of popular Christian treatments of the Tabernacle were added as well as some studies of the Tabernacle and Temple from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, several of which are considered classics. Finally, this version includes the papers of the first symposium, held in the Fall of 2012, by The Academy for Temple Studies.

It may be of interest to note that approximately 900 titles have been added since this bibliography was placed online in the Fall of 2012, and there are yet many more to include.

January 2013 Update

General Work: Most of this month’s work came in the form of adding over 300 new titles and making scores more corrections in the key word lists (with the help of a computer program written by my son). A number of errors overlooked in previous proof readings were also corrected. The typed manuscript of the bibliography is now 700 pages. Therefore, the manuscript was split in thirds to facilitate faster access on the website.

Additions: Many additions came from the suggestions of Bob Smith and others as noted in the November 2012 update. His recommendation to look closely at some recent books by Andrei Orlov produced many interesting items. I also itemized articles and essays in several other books and collections of essays. The first known temple related book published in 2013 is also included. (See Morales.)

Searching professional religiously oriented journals is an ongoing part of this project. This month I went through the entire online collection of the Seventh-day Adventist publication Andrews University Seminary Studies and the Journal for Semitics in South Africa. These netted many articles and a number of dissertations regarding temple related matters. You may access the online archive of Andrews University Seminary Studies here:

Finally, I worked a little in Hervormde Teologiese Studies journal. Apparently it was originally published in hard copy but now is part of the AOSIS Open Journals online. Several relevant articles were found in both portions of the journal, therefore, for the first time in the bibliography, online references are given (DOIs = Digital Object Identifier) in accordance with the 16th edition of the Chicago Manual of Style. You can learn more about this Journal here:

Addition Highlights:

  • Over 300 new titles added in January 2013.
  • 19 doctoral dissertations added.
  • Relevant articles from Vols. 1–16/3 (1989-2007) of the Journal for Semitics in South Africa.
  • Relevant articles from Vols. 3–45/2 (1965-2007) of Andrews University Seminary Studies.
  • Itemized titles from several collections of essays, two of which were by Andrei Orlov.

29 December 2012 Update

Proof reading: In December I proof read Part 2 of the bibliography and made literally thousands of changes in order to eliminate typographical and formatting errors or inconsistencies. As an example, I checked to be sure that a colon followed the parentheses in journal articles, e.g., (April 1967): 120-39. Inadvertent punctuation following the name of a journal was removed. I standardized a number of entries appearing in various reference works such as encyclopedias and dictionaries. That will be an ongoing project. The date format for Millennial Star entries was standardized. More acronyms were spelled out and a number of incomplete book titles were expanded. A few corrections were made when entries were out of alphabetical order; several duplicate entries were eliminated. When it is known that an article or book was republished under the same or different titles, entries were combined. A few multi-part articles were also combined into one entry.

Key word list: As with November’s proof of Part 1, December’s proof reading reviewed all key word lists in Part 2 to make sure the proper key word list accompanied each entry and standardized entries according to the master list of keywords. This involved deleting some irrelevant words and adding many others with the intent that the key word list will be more helpful to the online user. Each entry was also reformatted with the list on a separate line at the end of each reference. The key word list found in the introduction to this collection has been further refined.

Symbol Legend added: The following symbols appear at the beginning of some entries:

☛ = new entries for this update.
☹ = entries with known problems.

Additions: Over 100 new references were added in December. Several are from the Israel Exploration Journal as part of an ongoing systematic search of this collection. Articles or essays in several books were itemized. This gives a greater completeness to the bibliography, but more importantly helps the user identify specific items related to a particular topic or project without having to examine a book’s table of contents to see if something there may be relevant. For example, the essays found in Truman G. Madsen, The Temple: Where Heaven Meets Earth, now have entries of their own along with their own set of key words.

Addition Highlights: About a dozen of the new entries for this version concern the Copper Scroll found among the Dead Sea Scrolls, which purports to be a list of temple treasure and its alleged hiding places. At this point I have not included the many articles which discuss the history of the discovery, opening, and translation of this scroll. I have concentrated on those items about the content and meaning of the scroll. A number of new references on “sacred vestments,” “gates” and “gate keepers” were also added.

28 November 2012 Update

Proof reading: In November I proof read Part 1 of the bibliography in order to eliminate typographical and formatting errors. Literally thousands of changes were made to part 1!

Key word list: Because the bibliography has been compiled over a several year period, new key words have been added here and there. November’s proof reading reviewed all entries in part one to make sure the proper key word list accompanied each entry and standardized entries according to the master list of keywords. This involved deleting some irrelevant words and adding many others with the intent that the key word list will be more helpful to the online user. Each entry was also reformatted with the list on a separate line at the end of each reference. The key word list found in the introduction to this collection has been greatly expanded and corrected.

Additions: Many new items have been added since the bibliography first went online in November 2012. I began a systematic search of the online collection of the important journal Israel Exploration Journal and you will find several new entries here as a result. Several of the additions were suggested by users of this bibliography. Bob Smith has been particularly generous in sharing references from his collection. It takes time to verify and format these references, so there are yet more to come.

There are two things to highlight in this update.

Spanish Entries: Robert Wheadon has volunteered to work in the Spanish literature. He has provided translations to the Spanish titles already in the bibliography as well as begun to add new Spanish titles. My thanks to him.

Sinai Temple, Serabit: While reading Margaret Barker’s latest book, The Mother of the Lord, Volume 1: The Lady in the Temple, I came across a brief discussion of and footnote to research by Flinders Petrie in the Sinai at the turn of last century. Those investigations resulted in the 1906 publication of his Researches in Sinai. Dr. Barker explained that Petrie found a “Semitic” or proto-Israelite type (as opposed to an Egyptian) temple that pre-dated Solomon’s temple by 1,000 years. Given the publication date, I suspected the book may be in e-format online. It was, and as I further suspected, several chapters were devoted to this temple. These are all now included in this collection. One of Petrie’s assistants, Lina Eckenstein, suggested that this temple may have been the original setting for the Sinai story (Barker, p. 226). You can locate these references by searching for “Petrie” or “Serabit” (the name of the temple). You may find the book in the “Internet Archive” at the following URL: http://archive.org/details/researchesinsina00petruoft