Conference Videos

The conference “Enoch and the Temple,” which took place on February 19 and 22, 2013, in Logan, Utah, and Provo, Utah, respectively, was filmed. The videos are now available for free viewing in 1080p HD resolution, on the Academy for Temple Studies YouTube channel, as well as embedded below.

Introduction and Comments by Gary Anderson in Logan


Introduction and Comments by Philip Barlow in Logan


Introduction by Jared Ludlow in Logan (repeated in Provo)


Introduction by John Welch in Provo


George Nickelsburg presentation in Logan (repeated in Provo)


Panel discussion in Logan (Lauri Sorenson; John Hall; Kent Brown)


Panel discussion in Provo (Kent Brown; William Hamblin; Gordon Thomasson)

Items on Enoch—Some Notes of Personal History” – Gordon C. Thomasson


Jeffrey Bradshaw presentation in Logan (repeated in Provo)


David Larsen presentation in Provo (repeated from Logan)


Second Panel Discussion in Provo