The newly-formed Academy for Temple Studies is comprised of a relatively small — and growing — group of scholars, including Gary N. Anderson, John F. Hall, and John W. Welch, who are familiar with the work of Dr. Margaret Barker, and her approach to temple studies, and who have been working with Dr. Barker and Rev. Dr. Laurence Hemming for some time in starting an organization in the U.S. similar to the Temple Studies Group in the United Kingdom, and extending the discipline of temple studies to the United States.

The Academy for Temple Studies has as its objective the study and understanding of the ancient temple — as typified by the temple of Solomon in Jerusalem — and its antecedents and successors in various cultural settings, from deep antiquity to ancient Egypt to Israel, and later temple traditions. The Academy’s study will focus on both the physical temple and the teachings and rites of the temple, through the ages, in varied and diverse religious traditions.

Part of the Academy’s mission is to hold conferences which fall within the purview of its stated objectives, and to publish materials relevant to its mission, including occasional papers, the proceedings of its conferences, and a periodical.